Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Adding a touch of vintage to Pokesdown, Bournemouth - The Sarah Style Blog

'Two years ago, Leah was given a chance to do what she had ‘always dreamt of.’
 Leah Austin’s journey to entrepreneur is jaw dropping, turning her dream of working in fashion to a reality. It was the passing away of Leah’s grandparents that lead to her opening the shop, ‘Vintage Per Sempre’, located in her local town of Pokesdown, in Bournemouth. ‘I have always loved fashion, it’s always been my ambition to somehow get into the industry.’
Leah describes her grandparents as, ‘hoarders, never keen to throw anything away’, and so it was no surprise that their house was full of hidden treasures. A smile spreads across Leah’s flushed cheeks, as she says, ‘ I couldn’t bare to get rid of anything’. This sparked an idea for Leah – to open up her own shop, using her grandparent’s items as her first range of stock. ‘I had always adored vintage clothing, each piece feels like it could tell a story’.
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